“Hey, I am Emilia and my life is far from normal. People call me weird, say I have no filter, mock my openness, and sh*t on my confidence, but we cannot all be perfect right? For almost my whole life, the mystery of how I was perceived by the world haunted me. Personality and looks were two large targets undermining my confidence, making me anxious and vulnerable. As a young teenager, I was trying to be so many different variations of people I saw on social media, I do not think anyone, let alone myself, knew who I was. Looking back, the one aspect of my life that was always consistent was Music: Songwriting, Production, Engineering, Design,

 Kayla Krystin

Emilia Vaughn

Jake Huffman

Instrumentation, and Vocals are the root of who I am and what I do. I am a creative, passionate, and emotional person. I have been writing poetry and playing piano since I was a little girl and always dreamed of pursuing music. I am now inspired and committed to create a career out of doing what I love the most. I grew up struggling with anxiety and depression and I can single handedly say that mental health is one of the most serious issues in the world today. To most, struggling with mental health issues is a curse, but I have lived long enough to turn my worst fears into blessings. I like to tell people that I’ve grown flowers out of my pain. The flowers being my original music, constructs, and ideas making up who I am and what I feel. Producing my music has grown me to be comfortable by myself with my personal thoughts. Having such an amazing group of artists, producers, and directors who believe in me and push my visions forward has forever changed my life for the better. If sharing my music, my direction, and my inventions can help even just one person live their life better, all the work is worth it. At this point, I guess you can just call me your therapist.”

Kristina Maria

After taking a sabbatical to start a family, I congratulate her for her first boy child. She is now back to writing and recording.
Kristina has had multiple hits in Canada, 2 number One’s with “Let’s play” and Karma” plus 3 top five other singles! 
This single   “Lets Ride”  Written by: Kristian Lundin and Kristina Maria. 
Produced by: Kristian Lundin —please google him, and you will be surprised for all the hits he has written and produced in his career. 

Jake Huffman and his band McLovins posted on YouTube a cover of Phish’s You Enjoy Myself from his parents basement in Connecticut.  Overnight the video went viral and sparked a rabid following of fans around the world. Rolling Stone described McLovins as “having the ability to harness the musical ferocity of Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool and Stewart Copeland before being able to legally drive a car”.   

Bill Sherman connected the band with Glee producer Michael Novick and together they produced the bands self titled “Red” Album. Lin Manuel-Miranda simultaneously listed the first track “Talk About It” as one of his favorites in an interview with US Weekly. 

"Don't Be a Hero" is a powerful anthem that strikes a chord with its relatable lyrics and infectious melody. With her signature vocals, KAYLA KRYSTIN takes us on a journey through the dynamics of relationships and ego clashes. The song's catchy chorus and heartfelt bridge emphasize the message of embracing vulnerability and authenticity.

Get ready to be drawn into KAYLA KRYSTIN's world as she effortlessly combines relatable storytelling with an irresistible sound. "Don't Be a Hero" is a reminder that sometimes, the bravest thing we can do is let go of our ego and simply be human. Experience the magic of "Don't Be a Hero" now and let KAYLA KRYSTIN's music resonate with your heart and soul.

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Meanwhile on television, Jake left an imprint as a composer and lyricist for Sesame Street writing dozens of songs for artists like Ed Sheeran and Leon Bridges. He also did a stint leading the house band on ESPN’s Sports-Nation for a season. Jake became a certified music producer from Berklee College of Music.  His upcoming EP “Younger” was written, recorded and produced at the world- renowned PowerStation New England Studio and forms a cohesive ode to his upcoming EP. It is a culmination of his unique story and hard work paired with exceptional songwriting and fantastic production.